About Us

V Pop-Up Spa, The Natra Bintan is managed by V Integrated Wellness. “V” is inspired by the flower of Life which is a sacred symbol representing the interconnectedness of life with nature and community.

Launched in 2011, in Andaman Langkawi, V Botanical Spa is the first spa in Southeast Asia to offer 100-percent of certified organic food-grade products and services that go far beyond pampering and indulgence, blending innovative, scientific techniques with traditional healing practices to deliver results.

Opening its doors for first-time outside Malaysia in Bintan, V Pop-Up Spa continues to offers Integrated, Holistic, Indigenous and Sustainable approach to achieving Health, Wellbeing, and Vitality.

a. Our Programs

Holistic therapies that go beyond pampering and indulgence to deliver results. Programs are unique, deeply rooted in indigenous Asian healing practices utilizing fresh and potent herbs and even with the help of indigenous healers such as “Mak Andam” and “Bidan” for pre-wedding treatments and female health/ pre and post-natal care.