Khairul Amry

Khairul Amry


Mohamad Khairul Amry Bin Haslin or better known as Khai, is a Physiotherapist at V-Fitness. Khai holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, majoring in Physiotherapy. He was previously working in a private hospital as a Physiotherapist specializing in exercise rehabilitation for clients from all ages and ranging from type 2 diabetics, obesity and people with various debilitating injuries.

Due to his passion for body building and holistic wellness, he joined V Integrated Wellness.  He believes an inner athlete exists inside everyone and with correct training techniques, everyone can achieve their goals.

Khai’s training technique include a deep understanding and knowledge of functional anatomy to evoke correct muscle activation for best results particularly for those in pain, dysfunction or experiencing imbalance. He also specializes in training sessions for those who are keen on progression and performance in training and sport, and prevention of injury while training.

Khairul believes that Health and Fitness is a lifelong journey and aims to impart as much knowledge and skills to his clients during the sessions spent with his clients.