V Integrated Wellness offers Traditional Malay confinement

V Integrated Wellness offers Traditional Malay confinement
15 Dec 2012

Traditional Malay confinement (Pantang) practices stem from the belief that the womb is a woman's life force and affects her overall health. Thus, a healthy womb ensures that women stays radiant and attractive. The process of labour and birth can cause a woman’s body to become unbalanced from blood loss.

In today’s urban society, many new mothers find themselves unable to fully observe the practices of the traditional confinement due to the lack of family and community support. V Integrated Wellness offers the long lost art of traditional midwife confinement care in splendid relaxing environment for a new mother to regain her health and bring her body back into balance by observing the “Pantang Treatments”. The 5-step therapy includes Urut (massage), Tunku (hot compress), Tangas (intimate steam bath), Bengkung (traditional wrap) and the consumption of jamu (traditional herbs).

Urut (Malay postnatal massage)

Traditionally, Malay women who have just given birth are advised to this process for forty four days to expel lochia, improve blood circulation, "lift" the womb to avoid sagging, straighten out the veins, break down fat, tone and shape up the body to help the new mum get her pre-baby body back. It is also believed that the traditional massage on the breast and chest area will stimulate milk production.

Bertunku (Hot compress)

After the massage, “bertungku”” is a heated river stone wrapped with various fresh leaves such as betel leaves, turmeric leaves, melastoma (daun senduduk), Wild pepper leaves (Daun kaduk), and even banana leaves). The stone pressure is applied to the abdomen gently in a massage line motion.

Tangas (Intimate Steam)

Used as part and parcel of postnatal treatment, the “Tangas” is an intimate steam bath believed to cleanse and firm up the vaginal muscles and reduce inflammations.

Bengkung (Traditional Malay tummy wrap/binding)

After the massage, the “bengkung” is a cornerstone of Malay confinement. This is a broad piece of cloth measuring about 15m long tied corset-styled over the tummy. Apart from the comforting support, this wrap is worn for a few hours after the massage to help hold in the tummy to retain its shape.

Medicinal herbs, roots and spices (jamu)

New mums are encouraged Jamu which is usually prepared by the midwives who will also perform the traditional massage. Jamu is said to boost energy levels, keep the body warm, expel excess fat and toxins, regulate as well as shrink the Uterus, remove excess water and dispel wind.