V Integrated Wellness launches new Indigenous Rainforest Treatments

V Integrated Wellness launches new Indigenous Rainforest Treatments
01 May 2012

LANGKAWI, Malaysia – As spas evolve from sanctuaries of physical relief to sanctums of mental restoration, V Botanical Spa takes the next progressive step to offer spa goers the benefits of traditional Rainforest treatments that beautify, detoxify and recalibrates the soul.

“The Indigenous Rainforest Treatment is part of our mission to always seeking new ways to love and respect life. We are inspired by the wisdom of the Malay traditional healing culture which nurtures harmony with spirit, the environment and one another” says Christina Low, Head of V Integrated Wellness. Low adds that healing and beautifying treatments in Malaysia have traditionally have been practiced by midwives, spiritual healers and bridal groomers who have secret concoctions and techniques unbeknownst to anyone except the maker and these are passed down from generation to generation. With that in mind, the treatments are completely put together by our local staff who better understand the traditional practices and herbs used.

“From planting the herbs in our V Herb Garden to creating the concoctions, the treatments are as authentic as it gets” says Low. “To complete the program, we are working on putting together some dishes to add to our current V Healthy Cuisine Menu offering” in future says Low.

All treatments start with “Rainforest Tonic” made from pandanus and gotu kola sweetened with honey/agave followed by a rendam – rendam ritual (spicy foot bath) to invigorate the senses while massages and treatments capture the healing powers of plants and medicinal herbs such as lemongrass, ginger, pandanus, kaffir lime, galangal, kencur - potent for purification, balancing and regeneration.

The traditional “Urut” (body massage) is a deep tissue massage that uses long kneading strokes with thumb and palm pressure to push blood up in the direction of the heart (Buka Urat) whereas strokes away from the heart (Tutup Urat) are aimed at calming the body.

“Barut Gamat Awet Muda” (regenerating Gamat body envelopmen) is the ultimate pampering experience using the a wrap blend composed of Gamat (sea cucumber) – which is excellent for healing, kencur, galangal and ground rice excellent for lymphatic drainage, detoxification and absorption of potent ingredients. It begins with a ginger and lime honey scrub, followed by hair and scalp massage where extra virgin coconut oil is massaged into the scalp. This strengthens hair, treats dandruff and reduces body heat which is believed to cause migraines.

Considered the hallmark ingredient in traditional Malay treatments, Lime is said to be the link forces of the spiritual world and represents a symbolic relief of unwanted negative elements. Hence the “Kaffir Lime Bath” which combined with kaffir limes, pandanus, lemon, kalamasi (and rose petals) is absolutely necessary to purge out illness, impurities and also a natural way of getting rid of body odours. Beautifying rituals include a garden fresh facial using yogurt cleanser, lime and cucumber toner, followed by turmeric scrub, a luxurious coconut oil massage and a mask infused with rice powder, clay, honey, egg, lime and cucumber.

Other unique rainforest treatments include post natal massages and treatments for ladies such as “Tangas” (V-herbal therapy) which is a do-it-yourself steam of sacred herbs used to detoxify the uterus and help women with menstrual cramps, inflammatory and fertility issues. Additionally, Resident Naturalist Ishad Mubarak also offers guided visits and blessing from a spiritual healer and sacred sites tour as an option.