The KL Wellness Retreat Series: Rebuilding Our Society for a Better Economy

The Wellness Retreat: Rebuilding Our Society for a Better Economy
08 Apr 2021

he KL Wellness Retreat Series: Rebuilding Our Society for a Better Economy

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) post pandemic will be a significant public health concern that can affect productivity. If left unaddressed, the mass effects of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression that can inflict the economy of the nation.

Devoted to personal renewal and sustainable lifestyle, V Integrated Wellness (V) aims to help people live healthier and happier by living with a sense of purpose in tune with spirit, nature and community V Integrated Wellness organized its first half-day “Wellness Experience” on the 8th of April 2021. This series of non – profit event will be organized monthly till year end aimeds to empower individuals to take charge of their well-being and be the best versions of themselves.

The event location was sponsored by W Hotel Kuala Lumpur and powered by media partner - MYND Asia. Featuring renowned and experienced practitioners from Kuala Lumpur’s wellness community the event kicked off at 8.30am with 1 hour Flow Yoga sponsored by MAYI (Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors). Breaking shortly for a superfood snack at Away Spa compliments of W Hotel, then participant broke out into groups for Sound Bathing by Stephanie Looi, Reiki healing by Komathy Ganesan of The White Lotus School of Consciousness and Hypnotherapy by Sheela Chandran.

Co-sponsors also included organic gut health supplements - all vegan low sugar Chacha Kombucha, Korr Actaev Probiotic and Jane’s Booster Shots. This immersive mind, body, and spirit healing experience sparked a transformation journey towards conscious healing for every single participant.

About the partners :

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MYND is the progressive, new media for enlightened minds that synergises us with the wider world, from the ground up to the cosmos. We power our community of creators and creatives, practitioners and professionals, to empower you on your journey towards conscious living. #MYNDAsia

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The non-governmental organization aims to unite all Malaysian yoga instructors to a common understanding of yoga through teaching techniques workshops and internationally recognized certification.
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Nutritional supplement packed with formulation probiotics, prebiotics, Vitamin C and Zinc is formulated with AHC technology which prolongs and enhances digestive health. @actaev #Actaev

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P6S by Nicholas J. De Souza is a globally recognized photographer who specializes in architectural, travel, and hospitality photography around the world.
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Founded in Malaysia by Brewmeister Matthieu Morisset, a plant-based chef, and Ishaq Vadillo, a health and fitness trainer, the Chacha story is simple: to make kombucha as healthy, simple, and convenient. ChaCha’s unique kombucha is fizzy, low in sugar, and in clean flavours. Think of it as an upgrade to sugary soda! #ChachaLife

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Stephanie is a certified sound therapist who discovered sound healing as part of her personal healing journey. She travelled to India to obtain her master’s teacher certification in Tibetan Sound Healing.


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Aeralist, dancer and choreographer Jane Victor Solberg is the founder of ENAJ Production that specializes in conceptualized performances such as launches, music videos, and life concerts.

A dancer’s body demands physical athleticism, strength, agility and balance, flexibility and endurance. It is also subjected to injuries and inflammation. To maintain and improve physical fitness, boost metabolism and reduce joint inflammation, Jane started making her traditional concoction, now available in selected market places. Jane’s Booster Shots are made of fresh turmeric root, Bentong ginger, pure Australian honey and South African lemon.

@EnajProduction FB: Jane Victor Solberg

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Sheela Chandran is an accomplished trainer in the training industry since 2009 and has been in the Corporate Arena for the past 30 years. Her career is coloured with myriad work experience. Sheela is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Master NLP Practitioner, Personality Profiler and Coach.

Her primary training methods for all levels of management are in Leadership Development, Performance & Talent Development, Effective Communication Skills, Presentations Skills, Change Management, Critical Thinking Skills, Conflict Management, DiSC/MBTI Profiling and Behavioural Analysis, LEAN SS/Process Improvement, Stress Management, and Team Building. or 012-2849728

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Komathy Ganesan-Mogan is a Chanter, Mantra Teacher, Reiki Healer, and a self- declared “Keeper of Stones”. She also taught English Literature in University Malaya, worked in Landscape Contracting, and set up The Ganga Café in Bangsar. Her 30-year Reiki journey began with the crossing with the much-respected Reiki Master Bala in Chennai, who invited her to study Reiki. She went on to study Reiki Level 1 & 2 with Master Tariqua Amina Jaafar of the Usui Shiki Ryoho School. She then did Level 3 with Master Vijaya in India and the Reiki Mastership with Master Nagesh in Malaysia. Komathy started teaching Reiki in the last two years at The White Lotus School of Consciousness, which she founded. She is actively involved in Crystal Healing and Empowering Jewellery work as well. Komathy is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and often incorporates this knowledge with Reiki. She continues her Mastership in Reiki with the deeply spiritual and internationally acclaimed Master Maa Gyaan Suveera from the Himalayan region of India. @whitelotusgallery #WhiteLotusGallery