Golfer's Message

A result oriented treatment designed to address the specific needs of a golfer. A thorough stretching will augment the range of movement and overall flexibility, effectively reducing the likelihood of injuries and strains.

Deep tissue massage will focus on the vital muscular groups of deltoids, gluteus and calves, while gentle manipulation relieves the tension in your wrists, elbows, knees and hamstrings. Special attention will be paid to the lumbar region to fortify the fulcrum of the coil that goes with the golf swing. Utilizing the powerful substances of pure essential oils, an aromatherapy blend of lime, basil and rosemary will help you get centered, attain clarity of mind and enhance your ability to focus.

Explore the opportunity to enhance your performance!

Package includes:

  • 45min RM199 per person
  • For bookings and enquiries, we invite you to contact V Botanical Spa at Ext 591 (9am to 9pm).

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