As a responsible business, “V” is committed toward the overall stewardship of sustainable practices to create value for its key stakeholders, including business partners, shareholders, regulators, and the community within which its business operates in.

Upholding this commitment in the heart of every decision, “V” is inspired by a visual road map, the ‘Tree of Life’, an ancient metaphor of awakening to harmonious, ecstatic and compassionate journey towards conscious living, our CSR initiatives are aligned with the holding company’s (Landmark Bhd) vision and revolve around 3 key pillars that aspire living a life with a sense of purpose, in tune with spirit, nature and community.


Our community outreach is aimed at empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge to live a sense of purpose. This begins with knowledge for our employees to help themselves first in order to help others. Since 2015, we have been conducting complimentary personal workshops for fitness, stress and health screenings. Our partnerships for such events are supported by local medical clinics, visiting masters, industry experts and vendors with mission to ensure our employees understand and practice wellness in order to serve our guests better.

In our efforts to become a preferred employer, we are committed to the practice of equal opportunity policies such as zero tolerance of discrimination on any grounds of race, religion, ethnicity or gender. We have a quarterly recognition program is in place to award employees who meet their quarterly targets. Criteria include sales targets, customer service and personal attributes.

Informal gathering are also held to celebrate small wins, birthdays, awards and town halls to build closer ties and establish open and honest dialogue sessions. Regular training and development programs are crucial in retaining and attracting talent, hence regular training programs are conducted with industry experts, vendors and governing bodies through V Academy to ensure our employees are productive, efficient and competent.


Embracing the flower of life philosophy to always seek new ways to love and respect life, our business philosophy celebrates and honours sustainability and fair trade. Reducing Carbon footprint by incorporating the use of all-natural, certified organic goods, manufactured with renewable energy and packaged using eco-friendly materials. Most of the products used in traditional treatments are harvested fresh and even edible.

Our design philosophy emphasizes the use of natural air and lighting to reduce electricity consumption as well as embracing the uniqueness of the locations we operate in by incorporating the local herbs, plants, culture and practices into our signature products offering. We uphold and protect nature, complying with laws and legislation to ensure that every aspect of reducing pollution and effective waste management is maximized.

These efforts have been acknowledged with list of international awards such as “Rainforest Spa of the Year MALAYSIA” by Luxury Travel Guide 2017, Malaysian Women’s Weekly - Most Scenic Spa, 2016 World Luxury Spa Awards, ASEAN Green Award and Best Environmental Sustainability Hotel (March 2010, 2011 & 2014 ASEAN Tourism Forum, International Hotel Awards 2011 in association with Bloomberg Television.


Recognising and engaging the community by raising the socio-economic status for the local community by sharing the benefits with them by creating jobs, developing skills of the local hire, honouring fair trade and encouraging enterprise via sustainable sourcing and embracing the local culture in every aspect of our businesses.

Through our partnership with award-winning Eminence Products, we also help support “Forests for the Future” – a global tree planting organization throughout the world. Every time an Eminence product is purchased, a tree in a developing country is planted. Along with environmental benefits such as fighting deforestation, profits from this initiatives create jobs to support their basic needs. To date, 10 million trees have been planted.