Cleansing Techniques

Nasal Rinse
Warm saline water is poured through the nostrils one-by-one followed by cleansing breathing to completely open the respiratory tract for a free flowing breath. Jala Neti removes many types of problems of the eyes, nose, ears, head and throat. Recommended for those with sinuses. After the lesson you will receive the Neti pot to continue practicing at home.

45min RM250

Dhauti - Internal Cleansing*
A technique to remove bile, phlegm and other toxins of the body leading to rejuvenation. Participants consume warm saline water and regurgitate afterward. 45min RM200
L . S . P - Deep Colon Cleansing* followed by Ghee Rice Also referred as the short intestinal wash. This involves drinking several glasses of warm saline water and expelling the water through stool after a series of exercises (asanas). It completely cleanses the GI tract which will lead to rejuvenation. This is followed by consumption of warm ghee and rice after the cleanse. * Practiced only on an empty stomach. Participants need a brief consultation prior to booking.

90min RM350

Kindly speak with our Yoga Master for Kundalini Yoga Retreat, and Juice Detox Yoga Retreat.
* Enjoy a variety of complimentary group activities conducted on our Stars platform or in the Movement & Spinning Studio. 

* A detailed schedule of the daily classes is available in your room and at all V Integrated Wellness outlets.

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