Boot Camps and Packages

You’ve been saying it for months, maybe even years, now we challenge you to do it! Bring the sexy back and claim your lean toned body. Designed to shock your body for fast results, the routines incorporate circuit, core, cardiovascular and weight training that a will help you develop strength, stamina and agility.

What to expect in the 5 step success of your boot camp experience

  1. Biological Impedance Analysis (BIA) - The results will provide us an insight to your overall cellular health and help us recommend the best program for you.
  2. Customised program according to your needs
  3. Meal plans – get a personalised meal plan by our personal trainer that will help you boost metabolism and maintain muscle mass.
  4. Customised workout plan – we will provide you with the most effective workouts that will keep you excited to continue your routines at home and continuous support on our Facebook and Instagram page.
  5. Lifestyle assessment and recommendation for real-life skills you’ll need to carry out those plans in your everyday life once you leave the camp.

60min RM200 (Single)
 60min RM 300 (Couple)

Battling ropes-battle with the beats
You don’t always have 3 hours to kill at the gym. You need to make the most of your time by getting in a quick, yet efficient workout that is going to work all muscles and not make you feel like you should have done more. Battle rope training torches about 10 calories per minute—more than both burpees and squats! Battle rope is an excellent way to improve endurance, strength, power and skill due to its functional execution. Whip yourself into shape with the rhythm and beats of the music and get a killer conditioning workout all in one go.

* Fat loss depends on the intensity of cardio exercises done and the fitness level and weight of the person.

60min RM200

Athlete’s Special
Sticking religiously to your workout routine will cause your body to reach a plateau as “muscle memory” recalls, your body will adapt to repetitive stimulus. Let our Fitness Experts take your workout to another level! Further enhance your performance with our Athlete’s Massage designed to support your workout by reducing recovery time, improving muscle flexibility and reducing injury. To flatten that bulge and see instant results, add a Chi Nei Tsang massage and experience the healing hands of the therapist working on your abdomen. Stimulate your intestines, abolishing toxins, improving digestion and metabolism, and revitalising your entire body.


Package includes:
50 minutes personal training by Fitness Expert
50 minutes Chi Nei Tsang or 50 minute Athlete’s massage to soothe the sore muscles.

Fabulously Fit Makeover
Learn easy fat burning exercises that burn calories to help you achieve the lean sexy body you’ve always wanted. To flaunt a flawless bikini ready body, finish with an indulgent body scrub. Package includes: Biological Impedance Analysis (Health Assessment).


Package includes:
1 hour Boot Camp or Fat Burn Session
50 Minutes Chi Nei Tsang Massage or Body Scrub 


All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia and subject to change without notice. All prices are subject to 10% service charge. Prices stated are exclusive of Service Charge.

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