28 Mar 2020

Let’s look at Healing solutions for the economy and move forward

In a shockingly short amount of time, the novel coronavirus has pushed us into a global economic crisis - bringing the world to a standstill. The situation has taken a tremendous toll on human life. People are not only worried about their health and safety, but also about survival in the coming months.

While pay cuts and layoffs are making headlines in the midst of the MCO, companies grapple strategies to manage cash flow and operation through cost-cutting and mitigating business losses.

Nothing can be so powerful in the face of adversity than having hope and optimism in the midst of adversity which is the sign of true mental wellbeing.  Human beings are resilient. They can survive in any situation – if they adopt. Just look at how fast people have adapted to the ‘new normal’ of work from home and become productive!

We simply need to commit to this level of efficiency, keep our people at work who are performing and meeting expectations, and remember that we can emerge from this crisis even stronger and better. 

The UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and World Health Organisation (WHO) has just launched ‘Healing Solutions’ challenge and has called on innovators and entrepreneurs to submit ideas that can help the tourism sector mitigate the impact of the pandemic and kickstart recovery efforts.

I believe, in all this, we will adapt to a new way of conducting business. Not just with new technology and innovation but in going back to basics. The V brand Philosophy celebrates and honours sustainability. All our products are cruelty-free, certified organic goods, manufactured with renewable energy and packaged using eco-friendly materials in our efforts to keep with the core values – “To respect and honour life”

Never before have we seen a better time for the world to adopt this as a way of living.  I urge leaders as well as their boards, investors, and other stakeholders to emphasise sustainability in their organisations like never before moving forward.