26 Mar 2020

Use this time to reflect, regroup, rethink your life and health goals.

In the midst of a global outbreak, everyone has in one way or another slipped into fears of the unknown. In times like this, it is normal for us to fuel our minds with the latest information, statistics and an endless supply of news feeds.  What we think is an immediate need to address our anxiety is, in fact, creating more of it.

The truth is, we are dealing with a very unique situation that no government or nation and expert has ever planned for before. The good news is, we are almost halfway there. Some parts of China have resumed normal activities and it’s time for us to do the same. Recognise that the only thing you have any control over - is our own mind which controls your destiny.

To encourage you to recommit to our shared belief that wellness and a strong immune system can help protect the world’s inhabitants from preventable diseases,  V Integrated Wellness and The Andaman- A Luxury Collection Resort Langkawi will be making some affordable offers to all Malaysians to encourage them to focus on building a strong immune system through exercise, healthy nutrition, and stress reduction

Look out for our upcoming “3D2N Paradise Day Dream packages” only at RM1888 per couple.  Designed to cultivate inner peace and equanimity, regulate emotions and mental focus, a short wellness escape with nutritious food, exercise, daily mindfulness yoga, forest walks, and Spa treatments is all you need to recalibrate and recover. 

If you are in immediate need to address anxiety, here are free guided imagery tracks from Kaiser Permanente: