Reinvent constantly because the world around us never stops evolving

Reinvent constantly because the world around us never stops evolving
13 Oct 2020

Across the globe, we are seeing employers and employees settle into a new way of working. Business efforts are now shifting from a “return to work” and eventually reinventing themselves to cope with the new normal. We ask C.K Fong, Group Chief Operations Officer his views on the post-pandemic work place culture moving forward.

1. What was the return to work strategy used for the new normal?

While the world has restarted economic activity, we will still see a second, third wave occurrence until a vaccine is found. Government responses have been different from country to country, but one thing remains consistent -borders continue to remain closed. The industry's revival is now focused on domestic market. In Malaysia, we saw 3 key stages Response, Return and Reinvent. For us, managing stakeholders’ expectation has been crucial be it our guests, shareholders, regulators or partners. In Responding, we remained connected throughout the lockdowns through regular, transparent communication to ensure trust, confidence, and the well-being of our employees, guests and business to address ambiguity Upon Returning, we were greeted by government regulations, employee safety concerns and guest trust issues all of which proper implementation of SOPs that comply with Ministry of Health Malaysia and Global Standards such as WHO (World Health Organisation). “Reinventing” is now key. The impacts of the pandemic brought much focus on the importance of not only reskilling and upskilling, but also multiskilling as part of the business transformation. We will continue to grow from here – Reinventing will be the new workplace culture.

2. How will you be resetting the KPI for 2020?

KPI and target clarity has always been our culture and all employees are empowered with a sense connection to the overall business impact and performance. We have always acknowledged and rewarded contributions and we know that there cannot be a “one-sized-fits-all” approach especially in circumstances like this. This time we will rethink and look holistically at value driven contributions. We have spent almost a year as a virtual workforce with very little day-to-day touchpoints especially cross border interactions with our operations teams. We now see a natural leadership emerging where resilient employees who have the capacity to adapt quickly have contributed to the shifting business priorities and delivered the greatest value. I trust this will reinforce positive “Reinventing” mindsets within the organisation.

3. What kind of leadership will you encourage throughout the business to encourage this new culture?

Our achievement as a Group is the sum of all the individual contributions. To inspire the right attitudes, we need to have the fundamental leadership principles to abide by. Here we are very old schooled and still standby the “leadership by example” policies where you practice what you preach and respect is earned. We have always inculcated not only an environment of honesty, excellence and integrity but high-performance culture where people infuse their positive energy into the work they do and work towards a common goal with passion.