Reflect on rebuilding personal happiness now

Reflect on rebuilding personal happiness now
15 Oct 2020

A In the midst of a global outbreak, we're seeing a resurgence of economy activity as businesses open up. Everyone has in one way or another slipped into fears of the unknown. Here are some insights from our Yoga Master– Ekraj Gajurel on how we can continue our journey as we operate in the new normal by reflecting on rebuilding personal happiness and prioritising wellbeing. 

Q: What do you think is the biggest issue people are facing at the moment? 
A: There seems to be an over-consumption of information online. People tend to believe almost everything from conspiracies, cures and what the future holds.  It is normal in times like this for us to fuel our minds with latest information, statistics especially if it is readily available in our news feeds.  But the truth is, we are dealing with a very unique situation that no government or nation and expert has ever planned for before. So it is better to address our anxiety instead of creating more of it with all this information. Recognise that the only thing you have any control over - is our own mind which controls your destiny.

Q: How do you think we have been impacted even post pandemic?
A: While on the bright side, the pandemic has greatly improved hygiene awareness through sanitising and reducing crowds, there is nothing is “normal" about our new normal. The work from home and touchless hands-free experience is leaving a void in us. We are being emotionally starved from contact with other living things.  A touch solidifies something. From workplace handshakes, friendly hugs, or pats on the back, we cannot even see a smile behind the mask. All living beings, animal and human- are social creatures that need contact, touch and a sense of community and belonging. 

Q How would you advise anyone to re-center and re-energise?
A: We have spent almost half the year in self-isolation and loneliness can easily become the next epidemic if it is not managed. We already see a rise in mental health issue such as alcoholism, depression and suicide. Solitude is not a bad thing, it is actually good for us.  It helps reduce the intensity of daily life giving us time for reflection.

I encourage everyone to recommit to finding happiness by doing these little things:

TECH TIME-OUT: Refrain from using your cell phone for long periods of time and read, meditate or do something physical

EARTHING: Connecting with the earth, spend time in nature – take walks, go for a run, start an edible garden.

CRYSTALS: Consider placing crystals in door which reportedly scatters electromagnetic fields and turns them into beneficial ones. There are also many healing benefits that come from crystals  

GEAT SUNLIGHT: In addition to Vitamin D, it can drastically improve our energy, immune systems, emotions, and overall health.