Mindsets for the New Year

Mindsets for the New Year
01 Nov 2020

1 November marks the official two months to end the year. It is a good time to begin mentally preparing now so we can get off to a good start and clean slate all ready for 2021.

Here are 5 tips to help you find new ways to support yourself.

1. Set intentions to start. Begin today with an inner retreat by writing, affirmations, and mindfully tuning into what resources you will need to bring your intentions to life; your ideas, thoughts, and desires. This way you are clear on your inner resources, like clarity, energy, calm, confidence, and inspiration.

2. Meditate. Join us for meditation this evening. It is a powerful way to harness universal energy.

3. Release. Let go of what is no longer serving you. Write down a list of everything you want to release from your life, and read them aloud with intention. Say, "I release you!" or "Thank you for your service—you are free to move on!"

4. Do a manifestation ritual. To solidify your full intentions and help you bring things to fruition Gather some inspirational objects like photos, notes, books, crystals, or anything that contains the energy of what you want to manifest.

5. Write it down
When you journal, you will begin to hear your own inspiration and inner guidance with incredible clarity. This will clear any grudges, grievances, anxieties, open loops, and even upcoming tasks out of your mental holding tank by putting them on the page. Your thoughts get clearer. You solve problems with less and less effort.