Digital Detox – Protecting yourself from radiation

Digital Detox – Protecting yourself from radiation
13 Jan 2020

The emergence of 5G technology is  key driver of Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution and will have an enormous impact on mankind, impacting the we live and work. The super-fast, stable 5G technology will create new opportunities in virtual and augmented reality making advancement is areas like health care with remote robotic surgeries, self-driving cars, immersive gaming that will blur the lines between real and artificial experiences and so much more. 

However, with 5G towers and mini-stations being installed throughout every city and neighborhood, we appear to be building a global microwave oven. “Exposure to this high frequency radiation is like turning on a microwave oven in every room of your house, and opening all the oven doors” says Paul Wagner in his article in titled “How to Shield Yourself From 5G”. The article further claims that there has been minimal testing of the effects of 5G, but over 180 scientists in 40 countries have already proclaimed that at the very least, 5G can cause nausea, hair loss, depression, confusion, and infection.” 

This is due to EMFs (electromagnetic field) which is a subatomic particle that’s charged with negative electricity. This is how electricity is delivered throughout the world. While there is not much we can do to minimise the impact of such of technologies on our wellbeing, we take some proactive action to mitigate it  and here are a is a list of how you can protect yourself:

TECH TIME-OUT: Refrain from using your cell phone for long periods of time. Keep your mobile devices five to ten feet away from you or keep it in an EMF protective bag.

EARTHING: Connecting with the earth in this way feeds our meridians and electromagnetic systems.

CRYSTALS: Consider purchasing Orgonite, which reportedly scatters electromagnetic fields and turns them into beneficial ones

GEAT SUNLIGHT: In addition to Vitamin D, it can drastically improve our energy, immune systems, emotions, and overall health.