5 Tips on How to Harness the Best of the Full Moon

5 Tips on How to Harness the Best of the Full Moon
30 Oct 2020

How to Harness the Energy & Make It Work for You

1. Take it outdoors: Enjoy the beauty of nature and practice under the Moon. Be sure to prepare incent repellent so you can focus fully on the meditation process because the moonlight is said to be calming for the mind.

2. Fast: it will increase focus for intention setting and this is the best time to release extra weight, toxins, and stagnant energy. Use this day to drink lots of water, herbal teas or detox juices, eat light fruits or steamed unflavored vegetables, go to a Sauna, get a massage and take rest.

3. Prepare for breaking fast: Have a nice sweet dessert ready for breaking fast like mill with honey or traditional rice pudding. This is to activate the gut along with the ‘rest and digest’ mode, clearing nervous energy and restoring calm. This sweet core blasting sequence is sure to cleanse your gut and liver in time after meditation.

4. Journal: your intentions, plan for the new year, or anything you want to manifest. Write down things that you also want to remove from your life, things and memories that no longer serve- burn that paper after meditation and consider it done.

5. Start something new: The moon works in distinct ways on the earth. Full Moons are the best time to start something new, get clear on the future, and bring fresh energy into our life. The Full Moon is sacred days to remind us of the fleeting nature of the cycles of life, the light and dark within, and the power of prayer. Mark your calendar for the next Full Moons and begin making your own moon magic.