SAMA - A Journey To Balance

Sama or samtva is a Sanskrit word for balance. Restore harmony within your body as you enter this journey designed to calm your mind and relax your body as you discover true relaxation. Begin with 70 minutes of intensive yoga stretches and breathing techniques that will induce relaxation to your joints, muscles and finally your mind.

Relax after with a 50 minute Chakra Balancing Massage where long effleurage strokes massages with aromatic oils realign your chakras, harmonizing the flow of vital energy, restoring harmony within your body for a perfect balance.


Package Include:

  • 70 minutes Intensive Yoga Stretching by Yoga Master
  • 50 minute Chakra Balancing Massage
  • RM400 (usual price RM600)


  • Find out ways to improve your health.
  • Take our Wellness assessment worth RM50.


For bookings and enquiries, we invite you to contact the Wellness Desk at ext 556 or V Botanical Spa at ext 591